Let them eat cake

{via Royalty in the News}

Oh, Marie Antoinette. I think you’ve been horribly misrepresented by the media. I, for one, would much, much rather eat cake than bread, any day of the week. Perhaps even every day of the week.

But Great Cake? Only once (or twice) a year.

Otherwise I would be the size of Michigan, the Great Lake State. Which rather sounds like Great Cake. Sort of. If you squint.

Anyhow, I’ve been mulling over the cake question of late. It turns out that the man who made the horseshoe-shaped mould for my mother’s wedding cake has shuffled off to Buffalo (duh – apparently he was ancient in 1981, when my parents got married), and the only commercial tin we can find is ludicrously tiny. And kitsch. Lookee here:

{via The Cook’s Kitchen}

See? Not quite what we all had in mind. So E. and I have resigned ourselves to having a one-tier round cake, although it must be elevated on a pretty cake stand.

Have I mentioned that I adore cake stands? Well, it’s true. Here are some reasons why:

See? Aren’t they just gorj beyond belief? Here are the most likely choices (due to aesthetics, availability and ease of purchase):

{via Macys}

This round cake business is growing on me more and more. And we’re sticking with just one tier for four reasons:
(1) A family friend – not a professional baker – is making the cake (though we will have it professionally iced). Therefore we shall make things as easy for her as possible.
(2) We’re not using our ‘cutting cake’ to feed our guests. See this post for the deets.
(3) Simplicity. There’s something so sweet and simple about a single-tiered cake on a pretty cake stand.
(4) E. has an ungodly fear of the multi-tiered cakes that he’s seen in my (mostly American) bridal magazines. It offends something deep, deep inside him. So to avoid a meltdown, we’ll just stick with the one tier.

And how, you might ask, will this single-tiered Cake of Glory be iced? Well, in the interests of maintaining simplicity – and keeping costs down, since we’ll have to look for a pro to do the honours – we’ll be going the all-white route, though E. and I (and my mum, for that matter) want to do something texturally to give a bit of interest. Thus far our thoughts are running towards quilting and matelass√©:

{Matelassé cake via Martha Stewart Weddings}


I think all three of us prefer the quilted effect, especially on a smaller cake; maybe we’ll punctuate the intersections with little edible beads to give it more presence. Or run some ribbon around the base. And as for toppers and other decorations, I don’t think we’ll have anything to interfere visually except perhaps some flowers. Nothing too fussy. Or should we bring in the bird/nest theme with some sort of supercute ceramic lovebird statue? Oh, I don’t know. I think we’ll just stick with the simple vibe.

Simplicity, as they say, is a virtue. And heavens knows we’re all trying to be virtuous here.

Kind of.

Sort of half-heartedly.

Any thoughts?

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